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No Collateral Bail Bonds

Q: What is a Signature Bond?

A:  In some cases bail bonds companies ask their clients post an item of value, such as a car or a piece of property, to ensure the defendant will appear in court.   Some bail bonds companies, though, allow their clients to proceed without requiring collateral.  These types of bonds are called “signature bonds”.

Signature bonds are also known as no collateral bail bonds.  In this type of bond the signature of the person who signs the bail bond contract serves as promise enough that its terms and conditions will be met.   If a defendant’s bail has been set over $100,000, or if the bond is considered to be very risky, the San Diego bail bondsman you’re working with may request you post collateral in order to secure the bail bond.  Be sure to ask the bail bonds company you’re working with if they offer signature bonds and if so, what you would need in order to qualify.

At Adelante Bail Bonds, we complete most of our bonds without requiring collateral. If you are looking for a no collateral bail bond in San Diego, let the bondsman know when you call: 1-619-785-3077.


Updated:  04/15/2012