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Release From San Diego Jail

Q: What the release options after an arrest?

A: There are four types of release from San Diego jails.  When someone is arrested one of three things will happen.  They can be granted bail, they can be released on their own recognizance (OR) or they can be given a “cite out”.

Cash Bail:  If a person is granted bail they have two options.  The first option is cash bail.  This involves having a friend or family member post the full bail amount with the jail, in the form of cash or a cashier’s check.  As long as the defendant makes all their court appearances this money will be refunded to the person who posted it at the end of the case, less administrative fees. This process often takes 90 days or more.

Bail Bond: The second option involves hiring a bondsman to post a bail bond.  A bail bond promises the defendant will appear before a judge to have their case heard and if not, the bondsman and the person who signed the bail contract will pay the full bail amount to the court.  The fee to purchase a San Diego bail bond will be 10% of the defendant’s total bail amount.  This rate is set by the California Department of Insurance and is non-negotiable.

OR (Own Recognizance): This option is for low-risk and first-time offenders who have been brought in for non-violent offenses and may be released without having to pay any bail.  A court date will be given, to which they must appear.

Cite Out:   Lastly, in the case of a cite-out, the defendant will not be taken to jail and they will not be booked into the system.  Instead, they will be given a ticket with a court date.  If they fail to appear in court when required a warrant will be issued for their immediate arrest.This is typical for traffic citations or other minor offenses.

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Updated:  04/15/2012