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What You Need To Know About Missing Court

Q:  What happens if the defendant skips court?

A:  When a person is bailed out of jail that is not to say their legal matter is over.  That person is still required to return to court at a set date and time in order to have their case resolved.  If a person fails to appear, their bail bond will be revoked and a warrant will be issued for their immediate arrest.   Airline passengers are frequently screened for warrants, as are people who are pulled over for traffic violations.  If someone has a warrant they could be arrested on any day at any time.

In some cases a defendant is unable to make court because they are sick, they get lost on the way to the court house, they get stuck in traffic or they have car problems.  If you miss court unintentionally you will want to call your San Diego bail bondsman as quickly as possible.  The bondsman will be able to provide you a piece of paper called a “reassumption of liability” that will allow your bond to be reinstated.  Posting the reassumption of liability with the court will allow your bench warrant to be lifted and your court date can be rescheduled.

When a defendant misses court, this should be addressed as quickly as possible to avoid further problems.

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Updated:  04/15/2012