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San Diego Teacher Arrested For Bringing Gun To School

A San Diego teacher was arrested and booked into the SD Central Jail earlier this week after authorities say he brought a loaded handgun to school.

Defendant Ned Walker was charged with felony possession of a firearm on school property and faces additional charges pertaining to his being in possession of a blade-locking knife.  Walker’s bail had been set at $50,000.  Authorities say he has since been released from custody after hiring a local bondsman to post a bond.

The Tierrasanta middle school teacher maintains the only reason he had the firearm on his possession was to protect himself, faculty and students should an armed shooter decide to attack the campus.

Law enforcement officials were reportedly called to the school after concerned staff members alerted the principal that Walker was believed to be storing ammunition and/or weapons inside the building.  Although it was determined that belief was incorrect, officers did locate the a semi automatic handgun and a magazine inside his vehicle.  A spokesperson for the school district said they are unsure how long the defendant has been bringing the weapon to school.  The district, they said, has a zero tolerance for such activity.

Students said it was common knowledge that Walker brought a gun to work, noting they were told it was “for their protection”.   One unnamed pupil mentioned the teacher had told their class about the firearm at the beginning of the school year.

Walker has been an employee of the district for the past 10 years.  He has been working as a 7th and 8th grade English teacher ever since.  He is currently suspended with pay.  It is unclear whether this is the first time disciplinary action has been taken against him.



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