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Chula Vista Jail

For Chula Vista bail bonds, call now at 1-619-785-3077 .

Chula Vista Jail
315 Fourth Avenue
Chula Vista, CA 91910

The Chula Vista Jail is located inside the Chula Vista Police Department.

Chula Vista Bail Bonds

Getting a bail bond for someone who has been taken to Chula Vista Jail is easier than you think. Our simple paperwork can be completed in less than 15 minutes in person or online.

Once required paperwork is complete, the bondsman will go to the jail and “post” the defendant’s bail.

It can take hours for them to be released, depending on how busy jail staff is at the time. You can be sure, though, that we will be handling things as quickly as possible.

We offer several convenient payment options so that you can find the one that is most suitable for your budget. We accept cash as well as credit cards for quick service.

Many clients may also qualify for no-fee payment plans that will help break up the cost of the bond instead of having to pay a huge sum all at once.

For a free consultation, call us at 1-619-785-3077. An agent will be ready to answer all of your questions, help you understand your responsibilities and get started on the bail bond process right away.

If a friend or family member has been arrested and needs help with Chula Vista bail bonds, we will be available to provide them with bail bonds 24 hours a day, 7-days a week.


Updated:  08/28/2015