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Clients repeatedly compliment us on our professionalism which is unexpected from a bail bondsman. Our customer service focus helps the defendant and family endure an already challenging situation. All of our bondsmen are licensed, expertly trained and highly professional.

Vista Jail

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Jail Information

Vista Jail
325 South Melrose Dr.
Vista, CA 92081

San Diego’s Vista Jail is a Type II detention facility that serves as the main intake facility for both women and men in North San Diego County. It houses up to 820 inmates and defendants. The majority of inmates are awaiting trial.

Vista, California law enforcement is provided by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. They conduct investigations, general patrol, deal with narcotics and gang investigations, operate the detention facilities and handle administrative services.

If someone you know has been arrested and taken to the Vista Jail in San Diego County, you may be unsure of what steps to take in order to bail them out. It is easy to become overwhelmed and confused.

Our teams of licensed, friendly bondsmen are always standing by and ready to assist you on a moment’s notice. We will guide you through the bail bond paperwork and answer any questions you have about bail and the Vista Jail.

Fast Vista Bail Bonds

After you learn of your loved one’s arrest, call us right away at 1-619-785-3077 so we can get started on a bail bond immediately. It can take several hours for someone to be booked into the Vista Jail and released. The sooner we get started, the faster they can be released from custody.

One of our licensed bondsman will be able to come to your location and meet with you if you are unable to come to our office. We can also send you the necessary paperwork by fax or email or complete bail bonds online for you to complete at your home or office for added convenience.

The fee for the bond must be paid up front. The cost is 10% of the defendant’s bail. For example: if the amount of bail is set at $10,000 then you will need to pay $1,000. Credit cards are the fastest method of payment.

We also accept cash and money wire transfers. For many clients, we also offer the option of flexible payments at no additional cost.

For more information about the bail bonds process and to see is you qualify for financing, call us now at 1-619-785-3077 to speak with one of our agents. You don’t have to try and deal with this situation on your own. We will be here to help you at any time of the day or night.


Updated:  08/28/2015